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We invite you to join us in this movement of igniting curiosity, creating change locally, and making a positive impact by sharing our ideas and teaching each other. We are not bound by a single category of thought and reach across disciplines and engage one another’s different perspectives. In so doing, we can listen, learn, and grow together.

At TEDxKenmoreSquare, it is our strong belief that innovation is essential in forging the future. We want to turn our ideas into reality and partner with organizations who want to similarly embrace this outlook. The future is one that we all will share. At TEDxKenmoreSquare, we celebrate the unfamiliar and welcome the uncommon. Novel thoughts excite us. We want to attract the original and nurture the unconventional in hopes of sparking creative solutions.

If you are interested in joining us in our crusade towards change, please contact us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t sponsors speak at a TEDx events?

At all TED/TEDx events there is a clear division between sponsorship and editorial. Allowing a sponsor to speak at TEDxKenmoreSquare will severely compromise the integrity of the event and the whole TEDx program. Allowing a sponsor to present at TEDxKenmoreSquare will result in the cancellation of our TEDx license.

Does TED financially support TEDx events?

No. TED Conferences and TEDx do not financially support any events. All funding is self-organized.

Can TEDxKenmoreSquare be used to make money for the organizers?

No. TEDx events may not be used to turn a profit. All proceeds from TEDxKenmoreSquare must go back into the event production. If there are funds left over, they will be invested in the next TEDxKenmoreSquare event, in a TEDx event in a developing country, or donated to a school wishing to host a TEDx event.


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