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Noah is passionate about learning, sharing and bringing people together. Therefore, it is no surprise that Noah loves TED. He is consistently enthralled with people’s stories, accomplishments and drive and is amazed by the abundance of novel ideas and accomplishments here in Boston. This enthusiasm let Noah to come up with the concept of TEDxKenmoreSquare.

Lead Organizer




Andrew is a First Vice President, Relationship Manager Team Leader with Wellesley Bank, and has been a banking professional in the greater Boston area for fifteen years. During this time, Andrew has been fortunate to work with some of the brightest entrepreneurs and most influential community leaders in Boston. As a Red Sox season ticket holder, and a past recipient of the Red Sox Fan of the Year award, Kenmore Square and the Fenway area have been Andrew's home away from home for many years. Andrew is excited to see the next phase of the area's evolution and is thrilled to help bring TedXKenmoreSquare to Boston. 




Carmine has been enthusiastically sharing TED talks with family and friends since he discovered the treasure of “ideas worth spreading” for over a decade. Originally from Brooklyn, he studied at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts. As Director of Boston Center for Oral Health, near Kenmore Square, he leads a team committed to helping people reach their optimum health. A Diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, he has an expertise in helping people achieve restorative sleep with the use of oral appliance therapy.




Benjamin is a current middle school student who has grown up listening to TED talks.  He enjoys sailing, soccer, tennis, reading, art, and science.

Web Designer




Anika is a current undergraduate student at Boston University studying Media Science in the College of Communication. She is from San Diego, California, and has a strong interest in digital marketing.

Social Media Strategist 




Alison is addicted to TED talks. She listens when driving her kids to school, when out on her runs, when cooking, when gardening, and when shopping for groceries. She loves the diversity of topics, she loves being able to connect with speakers all over the world by simply plugging in her headphones, and most of all, she loves sharing the inspiration she finds with friends and family. Alison is a graduate of Yale University, Yale School of Medicine, and she completed her neurology residency and fellowship at Harvard Partners Healthcare System.




Erin Hull is originally from upstate New York, but made her way to New England to attend Endicott College in Beverly, and has never looked back since. At Endicott, she majored in hospitality management and had the opportunity to experience many different work settings through a number of internships. After college, she joined the team at Aramark, working with the events team to sell, book, and coordinate a large scope of events for the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. 




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CJ Curran is an enthusiastic visual designer and forward-thinking content creator. He grew up just outside of Boston in Lexington, MA, and attended Savannah College of Art & Design studying Branding & Marketing. He helped develop the visual identity for events including TEDx Kenmore Square and Mass Media Expo.

Co-Organizer & Designer




Rachael is an Emerging Media Master student at Boston University studying the social and psychological impact of emerging technologies in our society. Rachael has worked at another TEDx event previously, TEDxUGA, during her undergraduate study as the Director of Community Outreach.  

Digital Marketing Manager